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Food Guide for Dont Starve


Are you a Don't Starve fan? Then you're gonna love this app!This app is a complete guide about the most important thing in this game: Food.** This app includes a Crock Pot Simulator **
Tired of stopping the game to check the wiki? Save time by looking up information on the game right on your phone or tablet!
Features:- Crock Pot Simulator: add food to the Crock Pot and it'll tell you what recipe you'll get- Extensive list of all the food and recipes in the game- You can sort food and recipes by Health, Hunger or Sanity- You specify filters to only display certain categories of food and recipes (ex: Fruits, Monster Food, Sweeteners...)- Search function- Food detail view, including a description, if it's cookable and a list of recipes where it may be used in- Recipe detail view, including a description and lists of requirements and restrictions- Nice and clean interface providing a satisfactory user experience consistent with the Android look and feel. Swipe everywhere!
"Don't Starve" is a registered trade mark of Klei Entertainment.